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Case		Mid Desktop Full Laptop
Motherboard 	AOpen ASUS Other If other please specify 
CPU Type	Pentium II (Laptop only) Pentium III Intel Celeron  MHz 
Memory		 MB
Hard Drive	SCSI IDE Size 
1.44 Floppy Drive	Yes No
Video card	Type: Memory Size (in Megabytes):MB
Sound Card	Type: Memory Size (in Megabytes):MB
Speakers		Yes No  Brand:
Keyboard	Yes No  Brand:
Mouse		Microsoft Logitech
Modem		None Internal 56k External 56k
Network Card	None Intel 10 Intel 100 Intel 10/100
Monitor		Monitor size (Inches) Brand: Proview Other.  If other please specify 
Operating System	Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows NT Workstation Windows NT Server
Printer		Yes No  Brand:



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